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I still prefer paper books, not computers…

March 24, 2012

okay everyone: help!  How do I change the heading on my blog from “musingsofacanonist” to ‘Musings of a Canonist”.  It’s not that I haven’t tried.  Just can’t figure out.  At least I know now how to put my ugly mug on a back page but I don’t know how to change the heading.  or how to get rid of/change “just another site”.  anybody?  A promise of a pater and an ave for each reply.


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  1. Hold your mouse over your name at the top right hand corner, then over the blog name that will appear, and then click on the dashboard and then settings on the left hand column. You can then edit your blog title. Thanks for the promise of the prayers, and well done on those confessions informed by good canonical advice.

  2. Yup! thank you! one pater and one ave for Chris’ intentions.

  3. notgiven permalink

    If you haven’t gone back to Deacon Kandra’s blog, someone there, from Austin, is a blogger and also offered to assist.

  4. It looks like you got it figured out. If you still need help I would be more than happy to give some WordPress tips:)

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