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I’m Still Here

July 17, 2012

It has been a while since I have posted anything. There are two reasons for that: first, there doesn’t seem to have been any noteworthy canonical issues in the last several weeks; second, I am busy packing my belongings preparing to move to a new assignment.  Next month, I will be moving to Wyoming to become the chaplain at Wyoming Catholic College, a wonderful, new-ish endeavour in Catholic education.  I’m very excited about my new home and new work.  For more information on the college, visit its website:  So, while I am in transition, these pages might be silent for a few more weeks; although, there are a couple of posts fermenting in my brain regarding priest’s faculties and that dreaded thing we commonly call ‘administrative leave.’  In the meantime, a reader posed a question regarding catechists which I will answer forthwith

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  1. donalmahoney1 permalink

    Wyoming College is fortunate to have you coming to serve as chaplain. However, it is my hope that the college will consider using your skills as a canonist to develop an online blog under the name of the college to deal with all matters Catholic from an orthodox position.

    For example, there is tremendous emphasis currently on the “New Evangelization,” but as someone who returned to the Church after a long hiatus, I was not only shocked by the Novus Ordo Mass but also by the apparent lack of knowledge of many of those in the pews who were educated, perhaps, after Vatican II.

    Although I am getting used to the Novus Ordo, I cannot get that excited about the New Evangelization until some major effort is made to catechize those currently in the pews. I had the benefit of being educated by Dominicans, Carmelites, Benedictines and Jesuits prior to Vatican II. Back then, ever the Jesuits were kosher. They relied on Thomas Aquinas. I never forgot what I was taught in their theology and philosophy courses. Now I subscribe to their magazine, America, simply to keep an eye on what the liberals in the Church are up to.

    Take care–and I look forward to reading you in the future.

  2. Peter Kizer permalink

    Fabulous that you are going to WCC – I have been a supporter and am absolutely enthralled with their work. I also agree that those in the pews are largely clueless – as much from their own efforts as that from the pulpit (“chicken-n-egg”?). As to the Jesuits, I used to respect them (emphasis on past tense).

  3. Fr Joseph M Arsenault, SSA permalink

    Fr Stuart,

    WOW! I am very happy for you. WCC is very lucky to have such a fine priest as their Chaplain. I have only heard good things about WCC and knowing that they have hired you to be their Chaplain only makes me think even higher of them. I am not sure when you are heading there but right now I am in Omaha, NE and I am sure that you would be passing right through here … would love to see you and get caught up … if that did not work would still love to connect now that you will be in the USA. Happy packing!


    Fr Joseph

  4. Wow! Father, I’m excited for you and for WCC. What an opportunity! God bless you on your way, and I hope you’ll keep blogging.

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