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Rector Anecdote

July 28, 2012

This week, one of the priests of the diocese was ordained bishop.  I noted with some satisfaction the following excerpt from the Holy Father’s bull nominating the new bishop:

To Our beloved Son…of the clergy of the Diocese of Saint Catharines in Ontario, where he has been serving as…Parish Priest of the Cathedral Church…

Even though we’ve been calling him the rector of the Cathedral for years , the Holy Father, who is the Supreme Legislator, knows that, canonically speaking, he was a pastor.  (Still is!, just of a different sort.)  There will be exceptions, of course, but most priests running cathedral churches have the full power of a pastor because they are one.

These pages are likely to be silent for the next month.  I finish up at my parish this weekend and then leave for a some holidays before I begin my duties at Wyoming Catholic College.  Once I am settled into my digs, I’ll start blogging again.


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