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The Long Silence

October 16, 2012

It has been a busy few months for me moving to Wyoming where I am now the chaplain at Wyoming Catholic College.  That’s the reason for my lack of posts, as well as the fact that I haven’t been keeping up with the news very much.  In any event, I can’t help but make an unabashed plug for the endeavour taking place in the middle of Wyoming.  This new little college (there are only 128 students working on a temporary campus) is a great blessing.  Besides being run ragged, I have been overwhelmed by the faith, virtue, perseverance and stamina of this group of people.  The faculty forego more prestigious positions in order to be able to work closely with their students in this Liberal Arts program. The students take the risk of coming to a college that is not yet fully accredited because their faith is important to them.  These are not naively idealistic and pious sorts who are trying to create some anachronistic relic of the past.  These are energetic, spiritually mature,  faithful people attempting to live their Catholic faith in all its fullness.  To be a part of it is my privilege.  Please pray that God will continue to bless this college, certainly with benefactors, but also with His grace.  Something wonderful for God and the Church is happening here.  It needs to flourish.

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    You and your blog can do a great deal not only for your readers but for the reputation of Wyoming College. People who don’t know about will learn about it. Take care.

  2. God bless this venture and we know He does when head and heart commitment are in tandem with loyalty to His Gospel.

  3. I too find the commitment of our young people to the Faith overwhelming. Be assured of my prayers for this college.

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